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Apr. 27th, 2017 04:02 pm
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This community is for sharing Dreamwidth themes only. If you have questions about a layout or need help with your code, contact the maker or try [community profile] style_system. If your post here does not feature a layout/theme, it will be deleted. You can read the complete community guidelines here. Thanks!
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Hi guys! I know that this community probably seems slow as molasses sometimes. We just don't have as many people making new layouts as someplace like LJ. I think, though, maybe a little inspiration is in order.

Layout Users

Comment to this post with specific layout requests. Ask for certain features or color schemes or general themes. There isn't a guarantee that someone will choose to create a layout for you, but you never know!

Layout Makers

1. Check out the requests and see if anything sparks your creativity.

2. Would any of you be interested in doing a layout challenge? Please comment and let me know!

If this post gets a positive reaction, I may make a permanent request post with a link somewhere really obvious on the sidebar or in a sticky post.
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Need a pre-made Dreamwidth-specific layout for your brand new Dreamwidth journal? Look no further! [community profile] dreamwidthlayouts is your one stop shop for posting and/or discovering new layouts for use on your Dreamwidth Journal.

Rules, Post Format, Tags & Contact Info )
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Hi guys! I'm Anita, and I'm your new maintainer here at [community profile] dreamwidthlayouts. I inherited this responsibility from the ever-fabulous [personal profile] grrliz, who wasn't able to keep up with the community anymore.

I'm going to be making some minor changes to the community just to ensure it's more functional for both layout makers and layout users. On the agenda:
  1. Establish a list of standard tags to make browsing easier. I'm thinking tags for style (Tabula Rasa, etc) as well as type (Simple, etc.), feature (# of columns, custom header, etc) and color. Are there any other kind of tags you would find useful? (I see that Liz took a survey about tags last year, but I'd like to ask again since it's been so long.)

  2. Establish a standard format for posting layouts to the community so that users can see at a glance what sort of layout it is. What information would you guys like included on the form?

  3. A custom layout for the community. If I were to have a contest, would any of you actually submit designs?

Your feedback on the above and the community is GREATLY appreciated. While we do have several folks posting fairly frequently (And we LOVE them ♥), I think it's fair to say that if we're members of this community, we agree that it's past time for us to get a lot more custom layouts available for DW. I want to encourage that in any way I can.



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