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Mar. 22nd, 2019 05:28 pm
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On Friday, or any day at all, really wishing I could be the cat.

Time lapse in the day of a cat

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Mar. 22nd, 2019 04:02 pm
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Little Oscar at 15 months old is starting to look more like a little boy than a baby. I can't believe how quickly he is growing up. My daughter sent me a little video of him this morning. She had told him his cousin River would be coming over tomorrow, so Oscar immediately ran over to the door to check for River arriving, saying "River, Rivy" as he went. (River's parents tend to call him Rivy.) River is only 16 months older than Oscar, and they seem to be becoming good friends already, with Oscar copying everything River does.

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Mar. 22nd, 2019 03:53 pm
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Today has been pretty productive. Shingles booster shot: done and dusted. Shopping and chopping: done and dusted. A load of washing: done and drying on clothes airers.

S and I walked over to Kaiser before lunch because she had to pick up a prescription and I had an appointment for the shingles booster. I was supposed to have it about a month ago but they didn't have any of the vaccine on hand at that time, so I was glad to get the shot today. S didn't wait for me because we didn't know how long I'd have to wait, but my waiting time ended up being only about 15 minutes.

After a quick lunch I went off to do the grocery shopping, and as soon as I got home I prepared all the vegetables ready to make spaghetti sauce in the slow cooker on Sunday. I used to just chop all the vegetables for this recipe by hand, but I watched my daughter make a similar sauce by pulverising all the vegetables in a food processor first, so I do the same now and it's so much quicker than hand chopping. So all the ingredients are now in sealed containers in the fridge and I'll just put everything in the slow cooker (or both of the slow cookers - there are a lot of vegetables) early on Sunday. I was planning to do it tomorrow, but we are going to our parkrun 1st anniversary pizza party at 4 pm, so I wouldn't have enough time to deal with the cooked food and get it cool enough to go into the fridge before we had to go out. We're also probably going out to dinner on Sunday, but not until a couple of hours later than Saturday.

I've just received an email from the county with a severe thunderstorm warning, and not long after the email dropped into my inbox I heard the first rumble of thunder. Now I can see heavy black clouds arriving from the north west. Fairly early this morning, for no apparent reason, our electricity flickered a few times and then cut out very briefly, long enough to stop the clocks on the microwave and stove. I'm guessing it was very windy somewhere which affected the power because a bit later it got very windy here, or maybe there was a storm somewhere. I really hope this thunderstorm doesn't do anything to the power supply.

We ended up having about 3 ½ inches of rain yesterday, after it poured down for most of the day. If we get more heavy rain from this thunderstorm I don't like our chances of having a dry trail for parkrun tomorrow.

Little black dress

Mar. 22nd, 2019 05:18 pm
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At what point did Paul Stamets become my little black dress of Discovery?

S1 I was all about him and Hugh - they were adorable and the scenes when Hugh died broke my little heart in two. And then the whole new!Hugh from the mycelial network and Paul's reaction just broke me all over again ♥


Last week, that scene with Spock and Stamets had me all a flaily. and Wait, am I supposed to be shipping this? He's SPOCK, I feel wrong.

This week? That scene with Georgiou? HOLY FUCK ME SIDE WAYS I NEED THIS LIKE BURNING!

BRB off to AO3... surely someone's written the AU Pan Stamets/Georgiou/Hugh by now, right... right?!

Thank you

Mar. 22nd, 2019 12:14 pm
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Thanks for all of the concerned comments on my last post. I’m ok. Lots of bruises and very achy but E and I are fine. Dealing with insurance and rental car companies today.

We are extraordinarily lucky. It could’ve been so much worse. I’m so grateful that we are both here and relatively unscathed. I’m so grateful.

one day she'll darken

Mar. 22nd, 2019 10:05 am
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I finished watching I am the Night—Patty Jenkins's mini-series about the Black Dahlia murder(s)—and the end was unsatisfying, which is to be expected due to real life events, but I'd hoped the characters would get some resolution. We're lead to believe Jay found some peace, or at least a slice of it, but that's hard to buy when you stack it up against every decision he ever made. This isn't a guy made for peace. Fauna wasn't fleshed out at all. Like she had a really impressive monologue at the end and while it was exciting to see her say so many words in a row, they didn't feel like they were coming from a real place. We did see her exposed to that knowledge, but we didn't see her slot it together and decide now was the time to use it; it just felt like the screenwriter was showing off. And though the actress sold it at that moment, she was otherwise kind of silted and unbelievable throughout. And spoke with an inexplicable southern accent despite growing up in Sparks, Nevada.

But Chris Pine was amazing. He disappeared down into Jay Singletary, a Korean-war vet with PTSD who only owns one pair of shoes and self-medicates with cocaine and alcohol and will fight anyone, any time, anywhere, twice. He looked burned out and burned through, and there wasn't a speck of Chris Pine left in him. Even his electric blue eyes were tired. It was amazing to watch, and painful. He's just so beaten. I have a lot of feelings about Chris Pine and his Berkeley-educated ass, but he tends to be in movies I won't watch, even for him. But when this project was announced, I got excited. I have an interest in true crime! Plus Patty Jenkins! Director of Wonder Woman!

The kind of sadly hilarious thing, though, is I watched the Buzzfeed Unsolved episode about I am the Night and they only showed one of the Black Dahlia crime scene photos—the one with the sheet—and then I listened to the My Favorite Murder episode where they were speaking to a theater of murderinos before a viewing of the I am the Night series premiere, and Karen was like: This is the least gruesome crime scene photo I can show you; there are a bunch more on the internet—do not look at them; you'll never get them out of your head.

And I was feeling smug because, unlike Georgia, the other half of My Favorite Murder, I don't feel a compulsion to look at crime scene photos, so this wouldn't be a problem for me. And then the very next episode I watched, like the very next day, Jay grabs a true crime tabloid about the Black Dahlia and starts flipping through it and BAM just several really graphic photographs, and I was like, aw, my tawdry true crime drama dared to show me some actual true crime. :sad face:

I've heard the story of the Black Dahlia several times, but those crime scene photos are messed up. No wonder we've never stopped talking about this as a society. The person who did this got away with it.

The best part of the MFM episode was when they talk to Jefferson Mays, the actor who played Dr. George Hodel. I was initially like, Oh, who cares, he's no Chris Pine, but Mays had some really interesting insights about the Sowden house, what it was like to film there, and what he learned about Hodel from it. He said it was the house of a control freak; that it was built so that you could see into other parts of the house, like a panopticon, the inhabitants constantly under surveillance. That little bit of detail made the whole thing feel uncomfortably real to me.
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We went to the first game of the playoffs in the Finnish hockey Liiga yesterday and saw our neighborhood team, TPS, fairly beaten by Hämeenlinna's HPK. The visiting fans had claimed a whole chunk of the top balcony with giant flags and everything, a much larger contingent than I've seen at a hockey game before (first playoff game I've seen though). However, the man with a tiny little daughter in the seats next to us were also HPK fans (with much better seats than the balcony: ours were presents from Ticketmaster because Wax is valuable to them. I've never been that close before) and they were kind of isolated in a sea of TPS fans, to the tiny fan's sometime dismay.

There were some guys with extreme clapping and chanting stamina a bit behind us, and some antsy teenagers in fan jerseys in front of us who kept getting overemotional and leaping from their seats. And the chanting of "TPS" sort of ebbs and flows throughout most of the game, and every now and again the tiny fan, who was sitting on her dad's knee and dwarfed by the smallest size of fan jersey (age 5ish?), would look around in dismay at all of that chanting and then start chanting "HPK!" along with them. Not super audibly, but she remained defiant. Go her.

Also we apparently shocked her by clapping for both teams. Her little jaw dropped and she gave us some seriously evaluating sideeye. She probably has not encountered "I just hope everybody has fun" in Finnish hockey previously, I would guess. (I do mildly want TPS to win, if only because I've learned their names and sympathize with them a bit more, but I'm not really invested in it.)

Finally, as I also related on Twitter last night, HPK's uniforms have the word "STAMP" (leima) printed across the butts, which is almost unbearably funny. (It's a brand name, of course. But it does literally mean stamp.)
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Okay next is LTL. Seeing that LTL of Johnny's WEST kind of new format(?) I am excited too to see JUMP episode! I think I will drop Show ni JUMP in this post too (that I promised to upload if anyone interested to watch it)

ori video-credit:_MacciRto_裕翔yuto1993


Showa ni Jump )
iLLa yori,
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Hello everyone!!

Anyone miss me? XP I am sorry for being missing for 2 weeks (maybe?)  from here because my phone was broken. Well I downloaded everything using my phone bcs I have unlimited data there. And now I got a new phone and finally I can update the videos that I missed. heeee~

Gomen ne!! Well I will post each show in their own posts because I don't want it too crowded in one entry. So the first one is Itajump ^^

ori video-credit:_MacciRto_

InooYuto nearly kiss?? )

20190316 ItaJump #162 RAW.mkv.jpg
YutoDai and big calculator XD )
iLLa yori,
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Jordan Peele's Us: When I first watched the trailer, I was a little confused on what the genre might be about. Supernatural horror? Thriller with SF elements? A woman and her family go to a summer house, near the beach where she had a traumatic experience as a child. Cue home invasion by people who look exactly like the family. The narration & presentation is slick and theatrical, also pls give Lupita Nyong'o another Oscar. The group of audience sitting near me kept laughing, even during supposedly scary parts, which got tiring after awhile.
+ Like I said on Twitter, Winston Duke is adorable.

Trailer )


Mar. 21st, 2019 10:44 pm
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Somehow I haven't yet passed out here on the couch, and yeah, okay, that's probably thanks to the fact I actually mentioned my plan/hope of going to bed at a semi-decent hour by not passing out to [personal profile] katsuko, who has called me out every time I almost drift off since then. And there has indeed been a few times since we did the showering thing.

On another note, my hair still smells a bit like tea tree and it might be slightly glorious. I've been enjoying wearing my hair down this week -- the wind outside and Glynda's obsessive need for the heater to always been running inside permitting, of course -- so it has helped me do a little to kick one small part of the depression: where I don't give enough of a damn to bother with self-care. This has been a hard one for me to kick, so I guess every little bit helps, right?

Writing was a bit of a nonstarter again today. Honestly, most everything is kicking my ass. Trying to eat is kicking my ass. Trying to have energy enough to do much of anything is kicking my ass. Sleep is kicking my ass. Interviews are kicking my ass. Work is kicking my ass. Life is kicking my ass.
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Good evening from the wonderful land of Minnesota.

Today was a good day. Today was a sunny day. Today was a warm day. Today was a walking day. Today was a relaxing day. Today was a good day.

Dreams of Gaia Tarot

Three of Fire

This Morning I drew Three of Fire (action, implementation, exploration, expression, energy, hard work, sacrifice, imitation) from the Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan.

Necessary sacrifice. Experiment, practice, and refine. Avoid copying those who Inspire. Step out into the great unknown and Trust. Put your objectives first. Avoid cutting Corners. Pay attention to details. Have you lost your direction?

Heart of Faerie:

I drew Four Cards from the Heart of Faerie Oracle by Brian and Wendy Froud.



Heart of Faerie: )



Relationships don't necessarily mean with people. Relationships can deal with ideals, subjects, people, Etc.

At this point in time, I believe my relationship with food is going to have to change. Not because I don't love my food, but it's causing problems.

During my new moon meditation I was informed that I needed to return to the raw type of diet that I was eating earlier this winter.

Sure, yeah, why not?

After my meditation I had leftover vegetarian lasagna. This was the first time that I had an allergic reaction to food that I was eating. I developed some bumps on the side of my throat. It felt like there was something stuck. In actuality, it was an allergic reaction to the food that I ate.

I have also been noticing some itchiness along the ear canal and drainage point in the throat. After eating certain foods.

Nothing that has interfered with my breathing or swallowing has occurred, however, it is a little scary.

I am currently doing some research for doing an Elimination Diet.

It's kind of scary to change everything that you thought you knew.

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On the way to the hospital a truck rear ended us bad. We went across a lane of traffic and all of the air bags deployed. We are ok but we spent several hours on the side of the highway. Her car is destroyed. I have bruises from the seat belt and the airbags. It was an awful experience. When it happened I couldn’t breathe because of the pressure and the stuff from the airbags. It was so scary.

Obviously I’m not going to work tomorrow.

I am Grateful: March 21, 2019

Mar. 21st, 2019 07:55 pm
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  • I am grateful for the Snooze button.  It allows me to snuggle in the warmth.
  • I am grateful for spring.  The birds are singing and talking.
  • I am grateful for the Full Moon.  My necklaces were Moon bathing.
  • I am grateful for kitten cuddles.  My kitty was sleeping with me last night.
  • I am grateful for canned meat for cats.  My cat snarfed her's last night.
  • I am grateful for my Miracle Morning.  I love it when my meditation is not distracted.
  • I am grateful for nap time.  It's nice to snooze on the table.
  • I am grateful for my clients.  They are all wonderful people.
  • I am grateful for the sun.  It's warming the roads and melting the snow.
  • I am grateful for water.  Water keeps me hydrated.


Flashback Photography.  Snowdrops are the first sign of Spring for me.  These were taking on March 22, 2009.  I was still living in Chaska, MN and attending my second year of college for Massage.

For the haters

Mar. 21st, 2019 05:56 pm
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I thought it was about time I did something with these.


Mar. 21st, 2019 03:24 pm
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I didn't post about my reading etc yesterday because nothing's changed from last week. I'm still listening to The Wall of Storms, reading Forget the Sleepless Shores and beta-reading a friend's vampire novel, watching S3 of The Man in the High Castle, and playing, uh, nothing.

I'm also eagerly awaiting the opening of this year'sWorldbuilding Exchange, which will be tomorrow! I wrote a story, and I have a gift, and there are several other fandoms I look forward to reading in. Worldbuilding is my favorite, and I wish there were more fandoms I knew in the collection, but still, it should be fun.

Speaking of exchanges, my assignment for the Multifandom Drabble Exchange is exactly what I'd hoped to get, bwahaha, and I'm going to have fun writing it. I also plan to write a few treats; if you'd like to write drabbles (or drabble sequences, or double or triple drabbles) check out the request spreadsheet here.

Speaking of exchanges part two, though I'm not a participant in this one, Purimgifts is revealing (slowly, as it's a 3-day event) and I unreservedly recommend All Who Are Hungry, in which inexplicably Jewish Hobbits discuss Passover traditions with Sméagol, to my fellow Members of the Tribe - familiarity with The Lord of the Rings entirely optional.

I am still super absorbed in tag wrangling! It's fun! And it's probably taking up more of my fannish time than it should - I should probably be writing more and wrangling less, and hanging out on the discord servers instead of the wrangling chatroom, but. New shiny! I am cheerfully wallowing in my old small fandoms, fixing all the stuff that was canonized with old guidelines, so that just in case anybody ever writes in them again they will have proper canonicals in autocomplete! Rah!


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