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Oct. 16th, 2017 05:18 pm
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The weather has taken a turn for the better; a cool change blew in this morning. The humidity is way down, the skies are clear, and the temperature has not risen above about 63ºF/17ºC all day, with the forecast being for more of the the same for most of the rest of the week. We might need to put our wool blanket on the bed tonight; we've been sleeping with just a cotton blanket and adding extra throw blankets on the few cooler nights we've had, but as the temperature is supposed to be in the 30s tonight we might need more.

I made the most of the cool change by going for a run this morning, my first run for about a month. The the weather has mostly been very humid and unpleasant for running for the last few weeks, and I never seemed to have time while I was in the UK although it was a lot cooler there. Autumn and late spring/very early summer are the best times of the year for running, and I hope to be able to do more running during the cooler weather for the next few weeks.


I received an email from Qantas with the subject line saying something about changes to my itinerary for Perth next February, and my heart sank because of the fiasco when they changed my itinerary when I was going to Perth in August. That time they changed my route so that I landed in Sydney rather than Brisbane but then they had me flying me to Brisbane but not connecting with my flight to Perth, instead of just, more rationally, putting me on a flight direct from Sydney to Perth. I was afraid I was going to have to ring them again and go through the rigmarole of making them put me on flights that actually connected with each other, but it turns out the change this time is simply that one flight is now leaving 15 minutes later. This doesn't make me very happy because it gives me 1 ½ hours instead of 1 ¾ hours in LA, but I should be ok as I just have to walk from the American Airlines terminal to the International terminal next door. (People complain about LAX all the time, but now that I'm familiar with it, having passed through it many many times, I don't find it too hard to navigate.)

Rest In Peace, Roy Dotrice

Oct. 16th, 2017 03:56 pm
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Roy Dotrice has passed away at the age of 94. May he rest in peace.

I wasn’t sure who he was at first, since I’m not interested in Game of Thrones. That is, I didn’t realize who he was until I checked IMDB and saw that he had played Roger Wyndam-Pryce in one episode (Lineage) of Angel. Now I remember him. Looking through the rest of his filmography, I have also seen him in Nightmare Classics: Carmilla (1989), Tales From The Crypt (1972), and two episodes of Faerie Tale Theatre. He was also Zeus in three episodes of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

I might need to track down his episode of Tales From The Darkside, wherein he plays "Vampire Count Jeffrey Draco."

A series of unfortuante events

Oct. 16th, 2017 06:45 pm
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If I was a superstitous woman, I'd probably be starting to think that our move this summer, our new house and my new job were cursed. I'm not at all and I don't believe in that kind of thing but that's still not stopping me from half wanting to pack us back up to Bangor - the old house hasn't sold yet, so... it's theoretically feasible.

It feels like since I accepted this job, everything has gone wrong. I broke my leg, Lucy had a stay in hospital and now Jack's broken his wrist and suffered a concussion.

We were out walking the dogs yesterday morning, one of them pulled on the lead. Jack pulled back and his foot slipped on a wet leaf. He went down and automatically went to put his hand out to break his fall but it didn't work, he twisted on it and smacked his head on the ground hard enough to knock himself out. He spent yesterday and last night in hospital, I fell apart a little but I got to bring him home this afternoon. He's conked out on the couch next to me - it seems neither of us slept very well last night. I probably should have taken a sleeping pill when Lucy took one.

Logically, I know it has nothing to do with moving. That none of it has. Not even the hurricane blustering around us. We're not that important in the scheme of things. It's all just been some terrible luck.

Logically, I know that people slip over and land awkwardly all the time. I know that as the body ages, bones break more easily. I'm relieved that the hospital took the time to properly do obs on Jack and kept him in because he had a brain injury and he's not getting any younger. I've got him home, he's going to be ok. He is ok.

Logically, I know that Lucy has a number of chronic mental health conditions which lead to stays in hospital. This happens on a number of ocassions and moving is stressful no matter how much we tried to cushion the experience for her. We were half-expecting it to happen, although it doesn't make it any easier. It's part of her illness, one we all know.

Logically, I know I fell down the stairs because I was carrying too much, wasn't paying attention and having an argument heated discussion with a colleague. It's a recipe for disaster.

Logic, however, plays no part in my current status of hysterical woman wanting to wrap up her family and keep them safe.
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//just lies in bed watching it repeatedly

festive cards 2017

Oct. 16th, 2017 02:18 pm
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step 1: address give
step 2: festive card get
step 3: ?!?!
step 4: PROFIT!!!

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Fuck you polkadot.

Oct. 16th, 2017 06:05 am
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Put on cheap walmart 'dress pants' that are black with little white polkadots. These motherfuckers have pockets, I need pockets. Think I'll look super cute with a black shirt.

Result? I look like I'm in fancy ass pajamas. 


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Oct. 16th, 2017 09:43 am
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Last week my coworker and I were in charge of preparing Halloween stuff for the upcoming display at the store, and Friday we were dressing the mannequins. Our boss's idea for the adult femme mannequin was to dump fake blood Carrie-style over this hideous 90s polyester Death Becomes Her-looking wedding gown, but on the day when we went hunting through the copious amount of Stuff to be found at our store, we didn't have any fake blood or paint.

I would definitely advise anybody to NEVER mix nail polish into hair dye. If you thought the fumes from hair dye couldn't smell worse, you were apparently wrong.

Obviously, I could tell it was a terrible idea when it was suggested, but in the absence of other colorants I was willing to experiment. Next time I will make sure any experimentation takes place outside for sure though. (And I would veto the nail polish outright, even if it means the remaining color is too orange.)

inktober: week 2

Oct. 15th, 2017 11:15 pm
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(thanks for everyone who comments, I'm kind of unable to respond to every comment individually but I really appreciate them!)

I broke down and dug out the fine liners and that let me get some better detail for some of them. Day 9 was a study but I really liked how that one turned out, kinda learning about ink washes. Also added in a bit of color with highlighters, even though I'd intended to do all monochrome. I've been kinda trying to go back to a couple of the things I thumbnailed or sketched last week, but I haven't really been able to do it yet. Kind largely referenced work here, because I wanted to focus more on learning how to use the mediums and study lighting, though Day 8 was original. Went with a cartoony style because I thought it'd be easy to do; I was kind of unmotivated that day, so I just wanted to do something relatively fast but 'finished' and it worked out.

stitched-mouth cartoony ink person waving hello

referenced from a photo of a person holding a dead bird spread out on their back

value study with intense shadow on half a face for portrait

a sketchy yelling chameleon

value study on a fuchsia flower

face-on portrait of disheveled person coloed in blue and purple

ink wash study of feet standing on tip toe


Oct. 16th, 2017 06:58 am
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Well at least my very worst fears did not become real. Don't get me wrong this is bad. Very bad. But only as bad as was to be expected. We will get a row of Nazis in the government now. And the conservatives will destroy our social security system.

Austria is a rich country, but not that rich.  This will hurt a lot of people who voted for them. All we can do is document and protest. They have no one to blame anymore and that will destroy them over the next years.


Oct. 15th, 2017 11:49 pm
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@musicalheart168 said: Anything Hawke x Varric, let’s be real

I hope you're enjoying this. I much prefer being written to (or about) to having written, but yes, all right, I'll concede that a near-death incident is enough to win you a proper response, if only because I apparently need to remind you that you aren't allowed to die yet. I have a signed contract saying so, and you dwarves are sticklers for contracts. Brief aside: I took great amusement in imagining your reaction at being lumped in with "you dwarves."

My hand already hurts, Varric. Why in the world would you do this for fun?

Hang on a moment -- there we go, back again. Carver was rooting around in my pack for something. Gave him a kick in the rear. Serves him right, the idiot; I knew someone was stealing my jerky.

Anyway, it's a good thing you provided me with this list of questions as a guide to letter-composition (Hawke said sarcastically). You can be a bit of a control freak, Varric, has anyone ever told you that? Other than me -- my memory isn't so bad I don't remember mentioning it half a dozen times.

Oh, fine. On with the letter.

1. Dear Varric,

(That was admittedly a bit belated, but I never really feel as though our conversations have beginning and ends -- it seems that even on paper, we're halfway into the discussion already.)

2. I live!

(Didn't you indicate this is the most crucial piece of information to convey? Vaguely recall something about "life and livelihood," perhaps paired with an admonishment about concealing injuries. In the interest of honesty, I offer a complete catalog:

Read more... )

Lazy day off (again)

Oct. 15th, 2017 10:57 pm
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I like typing those words. I really do. I enjoy having quiet days where we don't do much of anything. Those are really nice, especially when we both have the same days to do nothing. Those don't happen too often, sadly enough. In fact, it only happened today because [personal profile] katsuko called out of Mirko. Yeah, we need the money, but she needs a day completely off work where neither of us have to get up and do anything.

The most we did today was trade in our old iPhones for the new 8+ ones. Honestly, it took three stops, but we now have the phones we've been wanting. So much room... It might actually take me a hot minute to fill this thing up... but probably not that long.

[personal profile] katsuko starts her new schedule/position at IKEA tomorrow, so she'll be going in to work at 6:30, which is about halfway between her two former usual times to go in. It's going to be interesting, figuring out the exact time we need to leave Roswell by to get to Midtown Atlanta on time now. Probably around 5:45? Which is better than 5:15 or 5:00... but not as nice as leaving at 6:00 or 6:10.

And yeah, that's about all I've got. I'm going to go back to writing for a little bit and then go on to bed. Good night, all.


Oct. 15th, 2017 10:50 pm
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I just feel so alone in trying to be an adult. I know that maybe it just means that I'm childish, but I am so exhausted. I almost feel worse than before fall break happened, even though I know I desperately needed the sleep if nothing else to recover myself. I also got to go to the doctor and to get a tooth repaired.

I wish that today could have happened before today. My dad awakened in rare form, ready to take on... everything that should have been peacefully arranged this week. He wanted to get the oil changed on my mom's car and mine and asked for my credit card to do it. I'm living here with no consistent bills or contributing but the cell phones and stuff, so it's fair. Then he decided we HAD to wash mom's car. Then he decided we HAD to have another light on my car looked at, piece of crap that it is.

And I'm coming down off being off my antidepressants for several days now. I think I have to do this, but I don't know if I'm going to be okay without trying another drug family. I'm already getting short-fused, emotionally. I haven't broken down sobbing like that in months and months except the day after the worst day I ever had at work so far, but I am still swollen, still sore, and tired. The thing is, I told my dad that if he would just WARN me before he needs my time commitment I would respond much better, but he has some kind of anxiety related control issue where it's like he needs to be be obeyed at once in order to cope with his own sense of spiraling. Toxic masculinity much.

Today ended okay but it was hell getting here, and I am already feeling like I am being sentenced to going through motions I can't possibly perform adequately by going back to work.
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Ohayo!! haahha~

Okay this week Itajump is here~


ori-credit: 裕翔yuto1993

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Major Crimes series finale spoiler, kinda. )

And then I will cry exactly the same way I cry every time I watch Third Watch's finale and it ends with Bosco still doing his thing. Every time.

(Apparently I cry thinking about that, too. Wow. Misty eyes over here, hello.)

In fact, I reject any other ending to this series.

ETA: No, wait, I know what it'll be: Read more... )

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Oct. 15th, 2017 05:18 pm
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After being grey and humid all day yesterday, it started out the same today. However, by mid afternoon the clouds had melted away, the humidity had dramatically dropped, and it was a beautiful end to the day. Later in the week the temperatures are supposed to drop to something approaching seasonal which I'm actually looking forward to. Enough of hot humid weather already!

We set off for a walk this morning in spite of a heavy mist which was making itself apparent as tiny droplets on our glasses, and were rewarded for our optimism as the mist cleared up quite soon. We followed one of our normal routes through a couple of nearby suburbs, and as we were approaching the area called "Antique Row" we found the street closed off and lots of stalls set up. This happens fairly regularly for various street festivals so we weren't particularly surprised. I'm not sure what the festival was today, but we ended up buying a cute little tie-dyed onesie in shades of green for my coming grandson (because green is one of his mother's favourite colours) and a green and blue tie-dyed shirt for me (because green is also one of my favourite colours), plus a board book for William from a stall specialising in children's books from around the world and books about various parts of the world. I was also very pleased to discover the Southern Cross Bakery stall; it's usually only set up in this area on Saturday mornings and it always feels like a bit of a trek to go over there in addition to our other Saturday errands, so it's always nice to be able to stock up on Australian goodies (sausage rolls - yum) unexpectedly on a different day.


I've been using the skin cancer cream on my forearms for a week now, and still there is no sign of any redness or soreness. This could mean that the cream takes longer than a week to show obvious signs of working, or it could mean that there is no skin cancer/pre-cancerous cells on my forearms, which I find unlikely. However, since my arms aren't bothering me yet I decided to start using the cream on my cheeks as well, so I started that yesterday. I'll quite possibly end up regretting this decision as I had originally intended to do the two areas separately, but now I'm thinking let's just get this over and done with. I do need to make sure it's all over by the time I go to Perth because this cream makes your skin extra sensitive to the sun so being in Perth during the height of summer while my skin is still affected would be a very bad idea.

Fake Show #1: Coffee & Curses

Oct. 15th, 2017 05:35 pm
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This has taken me so long to do, I feel almost embarrassed to post it, because unlike some of the more detailed ones I've done, this one was straight-forward, but it was lingering just because I couldn't work out who to cast as one character. (I'm still not sure who it was I must have had in mind, but I found a suitable stand-in. After, er, nearly all year...)

From the [community profile] isurrendered meme, [personal profile] john_amend_all gave me this prompt. If I had remembered that he threatened to do this several years ago, I would have tried to ward it off, but I didn't, so here we are:

One of those obscure centuries-old cults has a ritual: Once every hundred years, on the night of the winter solstice, the chosen one must stand at a particular place (where ley lines converge) and will become an inspired bard and prophet.

... Except that since the last ritual, an office block has been built on the site, and the mystic powers end up being bestowed on the coffee machine. Hilarity, as they say, ensues.

Which is coming to an LJ near you some time soon as:

Coffee and Curses )

What I Watched Week #41

Oct. 15th, 2017 07:56 am
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New (to me) TV:

Gotham 1x22 - 2x03
Ghosted 1x02
The Orville 1x05
The Brave 1x03
The Mindy Project 6x05
Lucifer 3x02
The Mick 2x03
Fresh Off the Boat 4x02
Black-ish 4x02
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x03
Lethal Weapon 2x03
This is Us 2x03
American Housewife 2x03
Speechless 2x03
Kevin (probably) Saves the World 1x02
Superstore 3x03
The Good Place 2x05
Arrow 6x01
Legends of Tomorrow 3x01
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 3x01
Once Upon a Time 7x02
Grey’s Anatomy 14x04
The Gifted 1x02

Re-Watched TV:


Movie (re-watched):

Beetlejuice (1988)


I’m just not feeling Ghosted. I probably won’t be continuing with that.
I also think I’m done with The Orville, The Brave, The Mick, This is Us, American Housewife, Once Upon a Time and Grey’s Anatomy. Time will tell though. I often try and give up shows and just can’t.
But I’ve been watching way too much TV and I want to get back to reading more again and that means some of these shows have to go.

I was happy with the most recent episode of Once Upon a Time, but happy in a way that makes me feel relieved and able to let the show go. I’m good with how things ended in season 6 and it completes the story that I was most interested in, so I think I’m good now.

I’m loving Kevin (probably) Saves the World. It’s weird that I’m loving it. I wasn’t even planning to give it a chance, so not my kind of show at all, but I’m loving it, so I’ll keep watching. I’m trying to cut down to shows that I really love, that make me feel good, or at least don’t leave me feeling worse. I think This is Us is a great show, but I don’t want to watch it anymore. It stresses me out way too much and leaves me feeling crappy and drained and I feel that way enough without TV, so it’s going.

I loved the season opener for Legends of Tomorrow. Pure crack, totally batshit crazy and they’re embracing it. ♥

This week’s horror/halloween movie was Beetlejuice (borrowed from the library). Another movie I have seen but the daughter has not. She enjoyed it.


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