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Jun. 28th, 2017 02:46 pm
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I'm so glad I'm long past childhood. Yesterday I was walking towards the post office when I passed two girls at the side of the road, probably around ten years old, who looked like they were waiting for a bus. One of them said in a mean voice something like "I'm not going to be best friends or anything" and the other replied, sounding cowed, "I know". The scenario that came into my mind was that they were waiting for a bus to take them to a day camp or something similar where they would be the only two girls from this area and wouldn't know anybody else. Normally they don't hand out with each other in spite of being neighbours, but they were negotiating to be "camp friends". The cowed one was desperate to know that somebody would be with her, while the other one was acting like she didn't care very much, but underneath she also was nervous about going somewhere where she wouldn't have any friends at first so she was agreeing to act like a friend for the duration of camp, but it had to be on her terms.
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JUMP has performed Precious Girl!!! Have you seen this? Ryosuke is soo cute tried to catch up with Nakamaru's Dance!! Nakamaru pls do not suddenly asking our kouhai to dance on TV live. XD I cut the video into talk and Precious Girl performance. So if you want to see JUMP suddenly get up and dance is in the talk video ne~ ^_-


ori-credit : 草莓要配白巧克力

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What I'm Reading Wednesday

Jun. 28th, 2017 06:09 pm
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I'm still not recovered from last week, although probably some part of that was my fault for trying to make use of that family history offer over the weekend, but there we go. I'll get there, I suppose.

In the meantime, here's a post.

What I've just finished reading

I have read the next two in the Kate Shackleton mystery series by Frances Brody. I still don't know quite what to make of them - I'm enjoying them, I can read them and yet... I don't know.

I also went to the library and got some Regencies to try and get me back reading again a little better, which worked until I was undone by the Thing last week. They were slight, but no Carolyns, at any rate. (Two more MC Beatons, but nothing that reached the ridiculous/sinister heights of the Mannerling idea.)

However, then I got Snowdrift, the reissued collection of Georgette Heyer's short story collection, Pistols For Two, with three rediscovered stories in it! I mean, her short stories aren't anything to her novels, but this was the most exciting thing reading-wise that has happened to me since I was ill, I think. They were slight, but it was very lovely to have new Heyer words for the first time in probably twenty years.

And then I randomly found on a charity book stall in my supermarket, a weird little teen book I used to have a fascination with back in the 90s, The Bewitching of Alison Allbright by Alan Davidson. It is still a very odd little book, not quite like anything else I can think of & enjoyable to have a revisit, even if not at anywhere near the same intensity as back then. It's not a fantasy - the 'bewitching' involves no magic, just the glamour of riches hiding some sinister/obsessive intentions.

What I'm Reading Now

Nothing, really; I need to get a bit better again. HMS Surprise needs more brain than I have, and I've a few other things started and abandoned, so mostly, nothing and occasionally re-reading some of the older stories in Snowdrift. (I like my new copy better than the old one, which is nice, because it's not always the case.)

I am still taking (family history-related) notes from London in the 19th Century by Jerry White.

What I'm Reading Next

Something, I hope. My TBR pile is far larger than my actual reading ability, but you've got to have optimism and hope and ambition, right?

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Jun. 28th, 2017 01:08 pm
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When I arrived at the archives this morning the "head" volunteer, C, was wrestling with the main computer. He wasn't sure that Past Perfect (the archiving software we use) would work on the networked laptop I use, but I was able to open it and work as usual - until it crashed when I tried to save an entry. After that I kept interrupting my work to save very few lines, until suddenly the program couldn't save and just quit. It turned out that C had shut down the main computer so the program on my computer was unable to read the files it needed. He started it up again after about five minutes and I proceeded as usual. Then the town's computer guy turned up and started examining the faulty computer, at which point I had to stop working as he turned the computer off and then turned it on but started examining the internal files etc. It turned out that the hard drive of the main computer is corrupted and the archives (or the town) will have to buy a new one. Not good news. By this time it was after 11:30 am and I normally leave at 12, so as it was obvious that I wasn't going to be able to do any more work today I left. As we will be in California from Wednesday 5th July until Wednesday 19th July, they should have plenty of time to fix things before I go back on Wednesday 26th.

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Jun. 28th, 2017 09:31 am
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Right now my favorite thing in the world is a black felt pennant with the word 'FELT' on it in block letters.

Download: [Drama] Koshoku Robot ep02

Jun. 28th, 2017 03:19 pm
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Here goes the second episode~

Credit Original video : choc-mint-

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A quick and very boring update.

Jun. 28th, 2017 01:00 am
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 (Have I ever mentioned how much I miss LJ? I know, I know.)
  • I came up with a plot and some ideas for the S/T anthology and I'm just... really happy that it didn't take longer? I thought I would have to struggle with it for a good while and then worry a lot about taking TOO LONG to figure something out but in the end I came up with something and I'm going to start outlining what little I have this weekned. And yes, it'll probably end up being Ultimates because I really want to try my hand at it! (And it'll include multiuniverse shenanigans.)
  • That Doomed And Terrible Transistor R76 AU is almost finished. Almost. I wrote most of it in paper and I have terrible handwriting no matter what hand I use so. Understanding my own scribbles it's going to be FUN.
  • I had to stop working on the Christmas S/T fic so I can focus on stuff for events. I need to come up with a writing calendar. BB and the fic for the anthology are the most important projects, but there's more time to work on them. So! Focusing on TRB and R76 Summer Event first.
  • MY POOR BINGO CARD ):!!!!!!!!!

And, about personal stuff...
  • I got roped into walking around the city with some professors from a Brazilian university and I'm getting a hard time believing I'm the only person at my faculty that speaks portuguese, but I guess I'm stuck as a temporary tour guide for tomorrow.
  • I passed (approved? MMM, I'm sleepy) Economy! For a moment, I was scared I wasn't going to make it but I ended up with really good grades at the end. I'm still surprised (and no, I still don't get Economy.)
  • ... And I'm coming down from a high. I spent almost a month under a lot of pressure and then I had a few days of being happy to the point of euphoria and now there's just one exam left for me and I graded all of my students' papers and tests and my brain is going back to that point where I feel a little like I'm floating in cold water, but I hope that keeping myself busy with fandom projects and social interaction will help me prevent another mean episode. I get paranoid when I feel like my brain is getting heavily into HARD DEPRESSION mode because last year was awful and I don't want to feel like that ever again (even if I know that's not going to happen). BUT my meds are working(ish) and I'm trying to not let my brain wander too much and I'll just keep on being optimistic. Can you keep a depressive episode away on sheer stubborness? WE JUST DON'T KNOW.
(Okay, I lied, this wasn't a tiny update.)


Jun. 27th, 2017 11:53 pm
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Work is a bit of a pain lately. We've had people taking one test several days for the last two weeks. Routinely there is at least one person a day who is at 5:15 or after getting done. For this particular test, they should be done by 5:00 at the latest. It puts me late getting out, and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get the time made up leaving early. LaTrease did offer to let me come in late a time or two this week, but honestly, that would just mean I'd be sitting in the Peachtree Center Mall that much longer in the mornings.

Yes, it would give me writing time, but still...

And Roo is about running me crazy with his newfound insistence on chewing on fingers and grabbing at keyboard keys and snatching food and so forth.

So yeah, I'm a little stressed tonight. I feel sorry for my Mag7 boys and girls.


Jun. 27th, 2017 11:59 pm
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So, I know lots of people would tell me 'what are you whining about?', but bleh. Gotta whine sometimes.

My hair is half as thick as it was when I was 20. Yes, yes, aging and all that. And really when you get to it, my half-thick is still on the thick side of average. My ponytail circumference is just a tidge under four inches.

But it's so much thinner for me. My entire life, I was the girl with the unbelievably thick hair, and now it's just ... thickish. Hard to deal with when so much of my identity and self-image has been wrapped up in my hair. It makes me sadface and I have to work to not let it get to me sometimes. (Especially today. Hormones/cycles. SUCK.)


and hyssop so blue

Jun. 27th, 2017 05:10 pm
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Listening to this about six times in a row seems to have raised my serotonin levels. I always forget how well musical therapy really works until I truly need it.

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Sat Dec 31st: One word for 2017

Doing things out of order now... because the rest of them are all the intensive things i haven't actually done yet haha. :P

Our one word for 2017 is visibility, which came around after much waffling, as mentioned in our The Real LJ Idol entry (LJ), and we defined it as an acronym that overlaps with our Core Desired Feelings (LJ):

Your own value.

December Blogging Meme Masterpost (LJ)

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Jun. 27th, 2017 05:03 pm
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With the 4th July now only a week away I decided I'd better do some more training on the actual course (because it's full of killer hills), so this morning I ran around it twice, once fastish (for me) and then much more slowly because that was all I could manage after my faster lap. I was disappointed to find that my fastish time was actually a bit slower than my time on the course five weeks ago. I can only put the difference down to greatly increased humidity now compared to late May. I won't be competing against anybody else on the day, just myself, but it would be nice to think I could beat my own time.

S is probably going to do the run also, but she has lost all heart for doing any training so she plans to just go around the course at a very slow run. We both know she can do it, but we also know she would be faster than me under normal circumstances. However, before the cat got so sick she had started having some trouble with her arthritic knee so she had already eased off on the running. She was trying for longer distances than the 2 mile run run course, but running for longer seemed to be worse for her knee.


Jun. 27th, 2017 02:43 pm
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My Tumblr blogs are: princessjune, juneregina, and ivorylady

Please follow me on those blogs if you use Tumblr. June Regina is a multi-fandom blog, Princess June is my princess blog, and Ivory Lady is my religious & art blog. I have so many interests that I had to make separate blogs. I also have OCD so I have to keep everything organized.


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