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Tabula Rasa Plain - #1

This layout is based on the Tabula Rasa Plain style. You must have a link list module and a basic journal info module. Having a default icon makes things look prettier but isn't necessary.

Views available:
recent view
reading view
archive view
tag view
day view

Modules supported:
page summary

Download and more information here. Tested in IE and Firefox. Works for all account levels.

[personal profile] ex_venice330 2009-05-11 08:26 pm (UTC)(link)
I love this. ♥
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[personal profile] twodevils 2009-05-11 10:27 pm (UTC)(link)
So pretty! Will definitely use it (and give credit) for something. Maybe a community? Will have to think about it =).

[personal profile] ex_kafuka100 2009-05-12 12:32 am (UTC)(link)
I'm using it and it looks great in Chrome. :)
helens78: A man in a leather jacket, seated on the ground, looks up hopefully. (Default)

[personal profile] helens78 2009-05-12 12:32 am (UTC)(link)
Hot damn, people are designing for Tabula Rasa! You do a great job of showing how good that style can look. :)
stephenie: (Default)

[personal profile] stephenie 2009-05-12 01:14 am (UTC)(link)
gorgeous. Memming for later!
skiba: (Default)

[personal profile] skiba 2009-05-12 03:59 am (UTC)(link)
I'm not using this but I just wanted to say that I really love the color scheme. :]
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[personal profile] eltoshen 2009-05-12 05:24 am (UTC)(link)
Using this in a community. Thanks a bunch!
wekhter: (what?)

[personal profile] wekhter 2009-05-13 03:19 am (UTC)(link)
In Opera, there is a space at the bottom of the page equal to the height of the modules at the bottom that comprise the "footer". Upon removing the height declaration from
.module-calendar, .module-syndicate, .module-categories_cloud, .module-pagesummary
the "footer" was correctly placed at the bottom of the page. Removing it seems to have no ill effects in IE or Firefox (although my FF is a bit out of date) and although I haven' been able to check it in any webkit browsers (that is to say, Safari or Chrome) I'm wondering, was that declaration necessary?

Also, spacing between entries seems too small in Opera, as compared to Firefox. A discrepancy with display of margins, I suppose?

Otherwise, quite sleek. I enjoy the colour choices and the bars above "tags," "link," "comment," &c.

[personal profile] chasy 2009-06-16 03:38 pm (UTC)(link)
i LOVE the color scheme! using now. (colorified all my icons to match the layout. ^_^)

do you know if it would be possible to list usernames of the poster underneath the subject instead of the userpic on the read friends view? i ask because i keep up with my friends page on my G1 browser and i have to scroll ALLLL the way to the right just to see who's entry i'm reading. i'm thinking it's got to be fairly simple to tell the username to display elsewhere but i'm not very good with CSS...

either way, thanks for the layout! it's gorgeous! :)

[personal profile] chasy 2009-06-16 10:13 pm (UTC)(link)
No, actually, it's not and thank you so much for asking! I had shut down my computer and didn't feel like powering it back on just to edit my entry YET again. LOL

I removed the float like I mentioned earlier and that "works" in the sense that the username is at the top left of the entry text but it kind of screws up the alignment of the userpic and the entry content. (Not real bad though - I'm not even sure it'd be noticeable to anyone else.)

If you know how to set the username on the left above the entry, that'd be swell but if not (or if you just don't have time to play with it), I'll just take out float again.

Oh, I forgot to explain why it's not fixed like I thought. When I remove float from that bit of code, the browser on my phone loads everything within the screen. When I put it back, I end up having to scroll all the way over to the right again, in order to see who's posting. So I have no idea what's causing that.