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Coexistence Alpha for Neutral Good (Alpha as in alpha test release)

Title: Coexistence Alpha (implemented as a CSS overlay for Neutral Good )
Credit to: [personal profile] timeasmymeasure (sourced original theme) and [personal profile] solarbird
Base style: Neutral Good
Type: Mobile-aware responsive theme, in alpha test.
Best resolution: Any.
Tested in: Mobile Safari, Safari (desktop), Firefox on MacOS/OS X.
Features: Fully responsive/mobile-aware theme in alpha test, intended to be the basis for a simple and clear base theme for new users. Intended to be applied to reading pages, other journals (view in your style), and so on. Avoids horizontal scrolling in as many cases as possible through compaction and rescaling of objects. Avoids iOS autozoom in comment forms. Addresses deep nesting in comment chains on mobile, and additional replies made by the reader therein. Intended to be aware of and respect user customisation, including user-chosen colours.

Navbar 2.0 is a cosmetic redressing of the Navbar for more modern appearance and some improvements in behaviour.

This is an alpha test release consisting of a CSS-based overlay on top of Neutral Good, and I'm looking for people willing to use and test this. I hope that's okay. This release includes Navbar 2.0, an improved version of the navbar. If you're not using navbar now, it won't show up, but maybe consider turning it on.

Installation details in this post on my actual journal, please leave comments/bug reports there. (Mostly you just change your theme to Neutral Good, download the CSS linked at that post, and paste it into your "custom CSS" panel.)

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