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Velvet journal for Basic boxes

Title: Velvet journal
Credit to: [community profile] myrtillenne 
Base style: Basic boxes
Type: full layout in CSS
Best resolution:
1024 x 768
Tested in:
  Firefox, Chrome, Internet explorer, Opera
one column, custom comment pages, custom icon pages, header image

Code and instructions

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[personal profile] chimney2012-09-07 12:20 pm

quite frankly for basic boxes

Title: quite frankly
Credit to: [community profile] pastries/[personal profile] chimney
Base style: basic boxes
Type: css layout
Best resolution: fixed to ~960px
Tested in: chrome and firefox
Features: two column layout, accent colors, circles circles and more circles.

here @ [community profile] pastries

Theme: DOS 2.0 (Basic Boxes)

Title: DOS 2.0
Credit to: Branch and Root
Base style: Basic Boxes
Type: Layers
Best resolution: Color Layer so the width is as variable as the Basic Boxes theme
Tested in: Chrome, IE, and Firefox
Features: Made to work with the 3 Columns (one sidebar on each side) Setup

DOS 2.0 Theme: The second of two DOS related themes made for a request in the Layout Request Post. This is the Dos-ier version, but it is less malleable than the first theme I posted.

This layer changes both the font, modules, and colors of your journal. Just "Create a Layer" using the information below and you'll be able to apply it any Basic Boxes layout and add the CSS under the cut to the "Custom CSS" box.

Layout info

CSS Code )