May. 11th, 2009

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Back on LJ, I made a slightly-tweaked version of Digital Multiplex with a few alterations - made it more customizable, added permalinks to entries, made the font size changeable, prettified it slightly, etc. I've now adapted it to work on Dreamwidth and since there are still not very many layouts available, thought I'd share?

Style: Dreamwidth Multiplex [new layout layer]
Browsers Tested: Firefox 3.0.10, Google Chrome 1.0, Internet Explorer 7, Safari for Windows
Navbar Okay: Yes
Account Levels: All (requires layout layer creation, but this works on free accounts now!)
Customizable: Yes, via the wizard
Custom comment pages: Yes
Notes: I'm still a bit of a newbie at this, but if something breaks let me know and I'll do my best to fix it?

larger image | live preview

Instructions & code here
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This layout is based on the Tabula Rasa Plain style. You must have a link list module and a basic journal info module. Having a default icon makes things look prettier but isn't necessary.

Views available:
recent view
reading view
archive view
tag view
day view

Modules supported:
page summary

Download and more information here. Tested in IE and Firefox. Works for all account levels.
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Elegant Grunge

Style: Transmogrified
Version: 1.0
Browsers Tested: The latest Gecko and Webkit browsers on OSX, Windows and the iPhone. Also looks "acceptable" in IE7.
Notes: Based on the WordPress theme of the same name.

( Fake Cut to Instructionsville )
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Here's my first (public) theme for Dreamwidth! It's a CSS layer for the Transmogrified style. The preview is over at [community profile] imagination.

Code and instructions are under here )


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