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Title: Flora
Credit to: [community profile] dustier
Base style: Tabula Rasa
Type: Full layout in CSS
Best resolution: 800x600+
Tested in: Firefox, IE8+
Features: custom font, pretty metaicons, rounded userpics, girly colours.

Find it here
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Title: Undine
Credit to: [community profile] inconformista
Base style: Transmogrified
Type: full layout in CSS
Best resolution: 1024x768 or above
Tested in: Firefox, Google Chrome IE8
Features: Custom comment pages

Click the thumbnail to preview the layout.

This layout was previously posted but I had to delete the entry because it needed some fixing here and there. Now that I've finally been able to finish it, I'm posting it again. I hope everything's alright now! You can get it here (all entries are public)~
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Title: Let It Enfold You
Credit to: [personal profile] sunrisetr or [community profile] dusktilldawn
Base style: Tabula Rasa
Type: Full layout, CSS
Best resolution: Variable width
Tested in: IE, Firefox
Features: Has custom comment pages. Fluid width entries, fixed width sidebar.

Now with tweaked version after feedback! Click the images for larger previews.

v1: Userpic outside, smaller content column v2: Userpic inside, larger content column

Code and instructions are here at [community profile] dusktilldawn.

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Title: Top of the Class
Theme Titles/Live Preview Links: Spring Break and Studious
Credit to: [personal profile] sarken
Base style: Tabula Rasa
Type: Full layout in CSS, uncolored customizable layout in theme layer
Best resolution: Fluid width
Tested in: Latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Safari Mobile, Chrome, Internet Explorer
Features: Top bar, comment pages, fluid width, custom control strip, custom icons, theme layer can be customized using wizard
Link: CSS and Theme Layer


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