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Title: Rope Burn
Credit to: [community profile] entente
Base style: Transmogrified
Type: Full layout in CSS
Best resolution: 1024x768
Tested in: Chrome and Safari.
Features: One column, customisable background and banner, custom comment pages, top navigation.

Find here at [community profile] entente. Live preview at [personal profile] aurawhirl.
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Title: belladonna | two color variations
Credit to: [community profile] pastries/[personal profile] chimney
Base style: tabula rasa
Type: css layout
Best resolution: 900px+
Tested in: latest firefox, chrome, ie9, safari is weird on custom fonts. but i used adobe browserlabs so don't take my word for it.
Features: fixed widths, weird icon shapes, two column

Title: just desserts | 4 color variations
Credit to: [community profile] pastries/[personal profile] chimney
Base style: tabula rasa
Type: css layout
Best resolution: 800px and above, fixed to 650ish
Tested in: latest firefox, chrome, ie9, safari is funk with custom fonts again
Features: WEIRD ICON SHAPES, food, colors, fixed width, one column
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Layout code modified from Just An Illusion by [personal profile] fania at [community profile] mentahelada.
Art by Kohta Hirano from the Hellsing manga.
Color scheme and graphics by yours truly.

Code & Directions

Title: Gunshots & Ashes
Credit to: [community profile] mentahelada & Kohta Hirano
Base style: Transmogrified
Type: Full layout in CSS
Best resolution: 1024x768+
Tested in: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome
Features: customizable, fixed width, 2 columns
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Title: CLAMP Border Layout – Red, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, and Purple
Credit to: [personal profile] flamingchemist 
Base style: Tabula Rasa
Type: Full layout in CSS
Best resolution: Made in 1024x768
Tested in: Mozilla Firefox
Features: Customizable, Fixed Width

Click the thumbnails for the full size previews
Available here!
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Title: Line Up
Credit to: [community profile] visualwit
Base style: Tabula Rasa
Type: Full Layout (CSS)
Best resolution: Width is fluid (%)
Tested in: Firefox
Features: 2 columns, fluid text (em)

CODE & INSTRUCTIONS @ [community profile] visualwit
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Title: Top of the Class
Theme Titles/Live Preview Links: Spring Break and Studious
Credit to: [personal profile] sarken
Base style: Tabula Rasa
Type: Full layout in CSS, uncolored customizable layout in theme layer
Best resolution: Fluid width
Tested in: Latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Safari Mobile, Chrome, Internet Explorer
Features: Top bar, comment pages, fluid width, custom control strip, custom icons, theme layer can be customized using wizard
Link: CSS and Theme Layer

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I made a few versions of Zesty for my own use recently, and figured I'd share a couple of them in case folks are interested.

A Bit of Red

live preview: [community profile] testing123


Best viewed: 1024x768 and up
Custom comment pages: yes
Tested in: Firefox, IE8
Account Levels: Free & Paid (Requires use of a theme layer)

( instructions and code over here )
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Style: Transmogrified
Best View: 1024x768+
Browsers Tested: Firefox 3.0.10, Opera 9.50, Google Chrome 1.0, Internet Explorer 7 (Note: I make no guarantees for any version of IE)
Navbar Okay: Yes
Account Levels: All
Customizable: Yes
Notes: Nothing fancy, but thought I'd share since options are still so limited.

Leaving for Paris

Easy instructions + live previews of 6 different color schemes here
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Last layout for a while now, I swear!

Larger TEXT ONLY preview or Larger HEADER IMAGE preview OR live beta of a sidebar-enabled version at [community profile] shifgrethor

layout: transmogrified
supports custom comment pages: yes
CUSTOM HEADER IMAGE: yes, at last!
supported on: free & paid
does not have: a sidebar (optional!)
works on: 800x600 up (fluid); optimised for 1024+
tested on: firefox 3, ie 8

CSS and instructions!
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Meant to post this here yesterday ^^

Style: Core2 Beta
Best View:1024px wide and up. Optimized for screens that are between 1024px - 1280px wide.
Browsers Tested: Firefox 3.1, Opera 9.64 & IE 8 on Vista. Note: don't have a Mac for testing.
Navbar: Optional
Account Levels: All
Notes: Core 2 is still in beta release so this is just to tide people over until shiny official layouts come out.

Still very new to the style and it's been trial and error figuring out classes so drop me a note if something doesn't have any formatting all of a sudden (like screened comments, lol). Hope to do a liquid/elastic layout next :)

Views tested: recent entries, private entry post, above 18 post, reading view, community view, individual entry's comment page, quick comment, screened comment, individual comment form page, tags view, archive view and individual calendar month page.

DreamWidth Layout: Back to Basics


+ 10 colorschemes

((added 2 more schemes in Teal Green and Chocolate White))

++ Instructions & Codes


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