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Layout: Core2 Beta - Back to Basics

Meant to post this here yesterday ^^

Style: Core2 Beta
Best View:1024px wide and up. Optimized for screens that are between 1024px - 1280px wide.
Browsers Tested: Firefox 3.1, Opera 9.64 & IE 8 on Vista. Note: don't have a Mac for testing.
Navbar: Optional
Account Levels: All
Notes: Core 2 is still in beta release so this is just to tide people over until shiny official layouts come out.

Still very new to the style and it's been trial and error figuring out classes so drop me a note if something doesn't have any formatting all of a sudden (like screened comments, lol). Hope to do a liquid/elastic layout next :)

Views tested: recent entries, private entry post, above 18 post, reading view, community view, individual entry's comment page, quick comment, screened comment, individual comment form page, tags view, archive view and individual calendar month page.

DreamWidth Layout: Back to Basics


+ 10 colorschemes

((added 2 more schemes in Teal Green and Chocolate White))

++ Instructions & Codes
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So pretty! Using "Town Red" -- thank you :)