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Jihoka for Trifecta

Title: Jihoka
Credit to: [community profile] betterdolphin
Base style: Trifects (Handle with Care)
Type: CSS
Best resolution: Any (it's responsive, though full responsiveness will depend on the user following an extra step to add a viewport tag)
Tested in: FF, Chrome, IE11 and Edge
Features: Responsive, 3 column, all pages styled, will support all modules if put in the right column as specified in directions

View Live Preview

Get the theme!
It's available on Gumroad to download for free or you can tip/pay what you want for it! It will ask for your email but it's just to email you a receipt/back up link, you aren't added to a list.

Download now!

→ To use this layout for free, all I ask is for a link back to Better Dolphin, somewhere on your profile! You can copy and paste this:
Theme made by: <user name="betterdolphin">

→ You may edit the layout to suit your needs or tastes, however, you are not allowed to redistribute, share or resell.

Thanks! Hope you enjoy!

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